Mobile Medical Van

Mobile medical vanThe Bridge Mobile Medical Van and the Outreach Mini-Van travel through the streets of Boston, Cambridge, and surrounding areas weekday evenings, stopping at locations where young people gather to offer free and confidential services.

Volunteer medical staff offer homeless and street youth ages 14 to 24 free basic first aid, referrals, and health advice, as well as access to an array of services, including crisis intervention, emergency shelter, survival items (food, blankets, clothes), assessment, counseling, and education. In addition, the Van offers youth a place to connect with a supportive adult. Each year, Bridge’s vans make more than 3,000 contacts with runaway, homeless, and street youth across the Boston area.

Medical care is also available at our 47 West Street building, as is dental care. To make a dental appointment, call 617-423-9575 or TTY 617-423-9575 ext. 355.

Van Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 

Park Street Station (5:00 PM–6:00 PM)
Harvard Square (6:30 PM–8:00 PM)
Central Square (8:10 PM–9:00 PM)


Park Street Station (5:00 PM–6:00 PM)
Pine Street Inn (6:20 PM–7:30 PM)
Copley Square (7:45 PM–9:00 PM)


Park Street Station (5:00 PM–6:00 PM)
Eggleston Square (6:30 PM–7:45 PM)

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