Jeremy’s* Bridge story started on our Mobile Medical Van. Today, he is independently housed in Bridge’s Youth Rapid Re-housing (RRH) program.

Jeremy found Bridge’s Mobile Medical Van one night in Harvard Square.

Every night for many months, Jeremy would stop by the van for a sandwich, some warm socks, and to talk with outreach staff.

Bridge staff learned that due to frustration with other service providers, Jeremy did not want to ask for help again. After over a year of visiting the Mobile Medical Van, thanks to the relationship that Jeremy built with our outreach team, he scheduled an intake appointment at Bridge.


After he completed his intake appointment, Jeremy started meeting regularly with a Bridge Clinical Counselor.

Together, Jeremy and his counselor developed a plan to address his self-harm and substance use. With Bridge’s support, Jeremy learned that with counseling, he is able to manage his mental health.


Today, Jeremy has housing through Bridge’s Rapid Re-housing (RRH) program, the only RRH program in Boston exclusively for youth.

Using the skills he learned at Bridge, he is managing his work, personal life, and mental health in independent housing. Jeremy meets regularly with his clinical counselor and his RRH case manager for ongoing support.