Bridge Over Troubled Waters Podcast

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters Podcast is a new way to connect with the Bridge community – supporters, partners, volunteers, and youth.

In each episode, current resident in Bridge’s Liberty House program and now Bridge staff member Bruce Neri interviews key members of the Bridge community, shares more about our programs and approach, and provides important agency updates.

Episode 1 – An Introduction to Bridge with Elisabeth Jackson

Bruce sits down with Bridge’s President and CEO Elisabeth Jackson to talk about her journey to becoming a leader at Bridge, the unique approach that Bridge takes to support youth and Bruce shares how his own Bridge story helped change his life.

Episode 2 – Liberty House with Chris Read & Liberty House residents

Bruce interviews Bridge’s Independent Living Program Clinician Christopher Read and fellow residents at Liberty House. They discuss the transition to more independent living at Liberty House and advice for staying focused for your goals during the pandemic.

Episode 3 – Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Jade Shaughnessy & Melanie Hanson

Bruce learns more about Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) from two members of Bridge’s counseling team, Clinical Coordinator Jade Shaughnessy and Behavioral Health Therapist Melanie Hanson, and talks with a Bridge youth about their experience using DBT to manage their mental health.

Episode 4 – COVID-19 Vaccine with Peter Ducharme

Bridge’s Director of Clinical Services Peter Ducharme shares an update about COVID-19 vaccine distribution at Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Bruce interviews fellow Bridge youth Adrian, Janet and Kaiyaa about why they chose to get vaccinated and their experience getting the vaccine at Bridge.

Episode 5 – Psychiatric Services with Dr. David Beckmann

Bruce interviews Dr. David Beckmann, who serves as a Staff Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and runs the Psychiatry Clinic at Bridge two days each week. Dr. Beckmann shares more about the partnership between Bridge and MGH and about the importance of providing services to youth at Bridge.

Episode 6 – Transitional Living and Rapid Re-housing Programs with Sone and Colby

Bruce interviews Bridge youth Sone and Colby about their experiences in the Transitional Living (TLP) and Rapid Re-housing (RRH) programs, two of Bridge’s housing programs that offer varying levels of support. Bridge’s Director of Clinical Services Peter Ducharme shares more about the approaches and goals in each program.

BONUS EPISODE – Raising Awareness for Youth Homelessness with Melissa MacDonnell

Bruce interviews Liberty Mutual Foundation President Melissa MacDonnell to learn more about Liberty’s commitment and approach to ending youth homelessness and the longstanding partnership between Liberty and Bridge. Learn more about Liberty Mutual’s work to end youth homelessness here.