Bridge’s Work-Based Learning Program (WLP) is a three month part-time, paid internship to develop essential employment skills in a supportive environment.

Harry currently lives in our Emergency Residence, busy stabilizing his life. He had heard about the Work-Based Learning Program (WLP), but was busy working and focusing on saving money.

“I was trying to ride the wave with my old job, but got thrown off.

Matin [the Emergency Residence Coordinator] had suggested that I keep it in mind if anything changed. So, I decided to apply for the WLP while I work on my job search and looking for an apartment. I saw this was an opportunity for me because the skills offered are skills I needed. I believe that the more you know, the more valuable you become.”

Harry started in our Work-Based Learning Program (WLP) at the beginning of February.

He enjoys the interactive experience as receptionist on our Counseling floor. “I worried that I wouldn’t remember names, but I’m surprised how well I’ve been able to learn everyone’s names!”

Harry is glad for this part-time opportunity while fielding job interviews.