Jenny* first arrived at Bridge during the spring of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic was wreaking havoc in Massachusetts and the friend whose apartment she had been staying at asked her to leave due to her fears of contracting the virus

 Jenny finds safety – and a path home – during COVID-19

Jenny started working the night shift at her job in a local fast-food restaurant. For Jenny, every overnight shift at work meant one more night away from the streets or adult shelters.

Jenny was one of the hundreds of new youth who reached out to Bridge during COVID-19, and was one of the first young people to move into our expanded overnight residence at Emerson College.

At Bridge, Jenny returned to her day shift at work. She started meeting with a Bridge case manager, who helped connect her with longer-term housing through Bridge’s Rapid Re-housing (RRH) program.

Today, Jenny lives in an RRH apartment with a roommate she met in Bridge’s Emerson residence. She is working the day shift at fast food restaurant job to pay her rent and preparing to take online classes through her local community college this fall.

She meets regularly with her RRH case manager and has continued access to services, like clinical counseling and education support, at Bridge.